Mr. Ruhland Launches FREE BOOK WEEKEND with Debut Novel


Mr. Ruhland is offering his debut novel, The Electa, for FREE this weekend on Amazon!


Synopsis: Saving the world is Samantha’s destiny… and she thought deciding what to wear was going to be hard.

My 95,000 word novel, The Electa, is a young adult urban fantasy set in modern day Boston about Samantha Cupiter, a teenage girl, who discovers that she is part of an ancient lineage dating back to King Arthur, one that places her at the forefront of an ancient battle between good and evil. She must learn all she can about her special destiny, and quickly, if she is to have any hope of thwarting an evil sorcerer and escaping certain death.

Samantha has been dreaming of a strange man and the suspicious circumstances surrounding her father’s death for years. Shortly after her senior year begins, her class goes to a lecture at the local university about Arthurian folklore, and Samantha discovers that the expert lecturer just happens to be the mysterious man who has been haunting her dreams. Samantha’s mundane life is turned upside down when Dr. Albert Ambrose reveals that she and her twin brother, Sebastian, are twins of prophecy and have been thrust into the forefront of the age-old battle of good versus evil.

In order to save the world, Samantha must first hunt down two magical orbs, the Orbs of Verum (Truth) and Incendia (Fire) that contain immense power and a book of spells known as the Rector that will either be her savior or her downfall. But the villain, the evil President Polemos is searching for these objects of power as well, and he’s close, really close.

The Electa follows Samantha on a heroic quest filled with obstacles and heartbreak that leads up to the final climactic showdown where Samantha must save her twin brother, Sebastian, defeat the evil president and save the world without killing herself.