Word Up! Words of the Week for 8/31 – 9/3


Mr. Joseph Hosea, MHS Librarian


  • adj. (describes nouns or pronouns)
    • 1. characterized by or expressing goodwill or kind feelings
    • 2. desiring to help others; charitable
    • 3. intended for benefits rather than profit
  • Sentence:
    • “The community leader was loved for his benevolent​actions toward those in need in the community.”



  • v. (describes an action, state of self, or occurrence)
    • 1. to examine in detail with careful or critical attention
  • Sentence:
    • “The coach scrutinized​the other team’s offense before planning his defense strategy.”



  • adj. (describes or modifies a noun or pronoun)
    • 1. delicate, or faint and mysterious 2. fine or delicate in meaning or intent
  • Sentence:
    • “Jon’s subtle​flirtations toward Angelica worked much better than Derrick’s loud and embarrassing proclamations of love.”



  • adj. (describes or modifies a noun or pronoun)
    • 1. having or manifesting tact
    • 2. Considerate or discreet; has a knack for saying the right thing at the right time.
  • Sentence:
    • “The counselor tactfully​handled the awkward situation with the students’ sensitive argument.”




  • adj. (describes or modifies a noun or pronoun)
    • 1. adj. not lasting, not enduring, not permanent
  • n. (describes a person, place, thing, or concept)
    • 2. n. describing a person or thing, especially a temporary guest, boarder, or laborer
  • Sentence:
    • “It can often be difficult for transient​students to move from school to school during their high school career.”