Word Up! Words of the Week for 9/8 – 9/11


Mr. Joseph Hosea, MHS Librarian

INDICATE: To point out; to show; to suggest.

Example – “The sign on  Mr. Taylor’s door indicates that his class is meeting in the library.”


DERIVE: To trace from the beginning; deduce; determine.

Example – “The word ‘soul’ is derived from the Latin root word ‘sol’, which means ‘sun’.”


ELABORATE: Planned or presented with much detail and complexity.

Example – “The students were very interested when the guest speaker elaborated on her time spent in Japan.”


CONVEY: To transport or carry; to communicate by a statement, gesture, appearance, etc.

Example – “Marcos wore a tie and jacket to his interview in order to convey a professional attitude.”


CORRELATION: A connection between two things.

Example – “There is a positive correlation between Jalissa’s habit of reading for fun and her academic success in school.”