Word Up! Words of the Week for 9/14 – 9/18


Mr. Joseph Hosea, MHS Librarian

EVOLUTIONARY: adj. (describes a noun or pronoun)

  1. pertaining to evolution or development, especially in biology
  • Sentence: Bipedal locomotion, or the human ability to walk on two legs, is an evolutionary trait that developed some 6 million years ago.


LOGICIAN: n. (person, place, thing, or concept)

  1. A person that is skilled in using logic and reasoning
  • Sentence: Mr. Lawson and Ms. Messick are skilled logicians and both can out debate most others in their chosen fields of study.


UNMODIFIED: v. (describes an action)

  1. unchanged, unaltered, original and unique.
    1. Prefix: “Un” – meaning NOT
  • Sentence: The McCluer High School Crest in M-3 has remained unmodified since 1963.


ORIENTATES: v. (describes an action)

  1. to adjust with relation to something else
  2. to familiarize a person to new surroundings, policies, or procedures
  • Sentence: Plants and leaves orientate themselves to face the sun.


Science Level 3 Power Word of the Week

Homeostasis: n. (person, place, thing, or concept)

  1. any self-regulating process by which biological systems tend to maintain stability while adjusting to conditions that are optimal for survival.
  • Sentence: The human ability to regulate its internal temperature is an example of homeostasis.