PBIS Lesson for 9/11: Tardies

PBIS Lesson for 9/11: Tardies

Comet Expectation Lesson Plan

Objective: All Comets should be on time.

Friday, September 11, 2015 – Advisory


Setting: School-wide


Skill and Critical Rule:       “Today we are going to talk about being on time to class.”


Rationale: Being on time to class demonstrates you are responsible and accountable for your own actions. Being on time to class demonstrates you have effective time management skills to be successful in the classroom.


Essential Questions

Why is it important to be on time to class?

What are the consequences for not being on time?

What should I do when I am late to class?


Shape student responses into observable behaviors.

Reasons to be ON TIME TO CLASS Disadvantages of Not being ON TIME TO CLASS
You won’t miss any important information or assignments. You could miss important information or assignments.
You won’t receive any consequences for being tardy to class. You will receive consequences for being tardy to class.
Helps you prepare for success after high school. You will not be prepared for success after high school.


Activity One:  What do you know?

Ask your students each question and allow time for them to respond.  Guide them to correct responses when needed.


  1. What do you know about the new tardy policy?
    • 5 tardies = Seen in the office, After-School Detention and parent phone call
    • 10 tardies = 1-day SUS
    • 11 or more tardies = ISS as needed
    • Tardies to any class, including advisory counts in the total
  2. How many minutes do you have between each class?
  • There are seven minutes between classes
  • There is a warning bell, when it rings you have 1 minute to get to class, so you must “walk and talk”
  1. What can happen if you are late to class?
  • In addition to consequences,
  • You can miss important instructions from your teacher
  • You can miss points for your do-now/bellringer activity
  1. What should you do if you are late to class?
  • Quietly enter the classroom
  • Sign the tardy log, pick up any handouts, and move to your seat
  • If you have a pass, put it in the pocket of the tardy log binder
  • Read the objective and agenda on the board
  • Begin working on the “DO NOW”/Bellringer activity without causing any disruption to the class
  • If the class is already done with the DO NOW, read the agenda and get on track with the class without disrupting
  1. What is a hall sweep? 
  • Hall sweeps are times when you will automatically receive a consequence (after-school detention) for being tardy to class, regardless of how many tardies you currently have.
  • Hall sweeps will be both announce and unannounced, so it’s best to make sure that you are ALWAYS on time to class.
  1. What are things you can do to always be on time to class?
  • Don’t try to your locker between every class
  • Walk faster and don’t stop to talk, remember to “walk and talk”
  • Use the restroom/get a drink of water on the way to class instead of going into the classroom and leaving again
  • Figure out the fastest way to get to the next class

Activity Two:  What Being on Time Means in the Real World

Read this to your class:


Consistently showing up late to work sends an unprofessional message to bosses, colleagues, and clients. If you are late too often you could be fired, or develop a bad reputation that forces people to look for someone else when the services you provide are needed. While everyone shows up late occasionally, being late every day or for every meeting will not be tolerated by most people. Because people value their time, they will see your lateness as disrespect or as an inability to do your job.



  1. Other than being fired, what other consequences could there be for being late to work?
  2. If you had an employee that was habitually tardy to work, how would you handle it?



If you treat school like a job, it will pay off.  Part of your job is being on time every day, to every class.  Being on time means that you are inside the classroom and READY for class to begin.  Take personal responsible in everything you do, including being on time to class. If you want to be successful later, practice being on time now.


Enrichment Activities:

Reward any student that currently has no tardies to your class with a cool comet coupon!























MHS Planner Scavenger Hunt


  1. How many credits are needed to graduate?


  1. What is an Academic Help Center?


  1. Name 3 items that violate McCluer’s Dress Code


  1. What is a Summative Assessment?



  1. What are the 5 Comet Expectations


  1. What’s McCluer’s Address


  1. How many credits can a student earn each school year?


  1. When is Math Tutoring? What room?


  1. What is the consequence for 15 unexcused tardies?


  1. Name 3 Clubs/Activities that we have at McCluer