Mr. Ruhland Recommends “Driving Heat” by Richard Castle

Mr. Ruhland Recommends Driving Heat by Richard Castle

A top NYPD detective and a Pulitzer prize winning author. Acumen meets out of the box. We all know and love the story of TV series Castle. The concept has been loved by TV viewers and readers of the books in this series. This is the seventh book and I enjoyed reading it.

As for this book, the characters are well developed and the story moves at a steady pace. There are suspenseful moments, chases and mysteries at every corner and keep the reader’s interest alive. For all readers who have enjoyed this genre of writing, the book will not disappoint. It is a quintessential Castle book. I am not giving out any spoiler alerts yet as it is fairly new in the market.

As for the relationship between Nikki and Rook, I felt the author has given a tad extra reference to this throughout the story. In the early editions of this series, I absolutely loved the slight romantic and sexual tension that existed between these two protagonists while they worked on solving cases. It was presented very sharply and gave us some great moments in some otherwise very tense and suspenseful situations. In this edition, however, the relationship is almost as important as the other links. Their conversation, the sexual innuendos, the physical intimacy, the collision of personalities is definitely a natural progression of the story.

I feel like I watched a marathon of Castle episodes and now I’m exhausted both physically and emotionally. But in a good way. Yet I am also sad. Now I have to wait a whole year for the next episode. The best thing about these books is that as I read I could hear way Rook and Nikki sounded, also the rest of the usual cast. And that is definitely a good thing. The mysteries had good twists to them and our heroes, mostly Nikki, got out of impossible situations. All in all very satisfying. I definitely recommend this series. Enjoy!?