Word Up! Words of the Week for 10/12 – 10-16


AUTHORITATIVE: adj. (describes a noun or pronoun)

  1. having due authority, weight, strength, or power
  • Sentence:
    • The authoritative voice of the guest speaker kept the students enthralled and on the edge of their seats.


CONTRACTED: adj. (describes a noun or pronoun)

  1. drawn together, reduced in compass or size; made smaller
  2. condensed, abridged, narrow 3. to acquire by contagion or infection
  • Sentence:
    • The flower contracted so tightly at night that it appeared to be a bud.


ECONOMICAL: adj. (describes a noun or pronoun)

  1. avoiding waste or extravagance, thrifty
  • Sentence:
    • Her purchase of a small car proved to be very economical.


FINANCIAL: adj. (describes a noun or pronoun) [plural n.]

  1. pertaining to money, cost, receipts, and spending
  • Sentence:
    • The business students created a new financial plan for their family and consumer science classes.


SCIENCE Level 3 Power Up Word of the Week


  1. the smallest particle of a chemical substance that retains all the properties of the substance and is comprised of one or more atoms.
  • Sentence:
    • A water molecule consists of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom.