Chromebooks, Lesson Plans, and Life Lessons – All from your library!

Chromebooks, Lesson Plans, and Life Lessons - All from your library!

1.  Please remember to use the Library Resource Page.  If things aren’t working, if you need access to something that isn’t there, or if you’d like me to add something, please let me know!  Also, you can see the library calendar, request space, and request lesson assistance.
2.  I can offer these lessons to you and your students.  We can collaborate on a more extensive lesson, or you can bring them by for a ‘mini-lesson’ (15-30 min)
– General Library introduction and Tour (can include research scavenger hunt)
– MLA and/or APA style papers and research processes
– Online/Digital research skills (can include digital scavenger hunt)
– Google Apps and Cooperative Online Work
– Digital Citizenship
– Book Talks
– Presentation Skills
– Story Time (reading stories to the students and/or teaching them to read to others)
– Parts of a Story
– Subject Specific Introductory Courses (Intro to Poetry, Biographies, Shakespeare, etc.)
– Alexandra Researcher – Library Card Catalog
– Character Education
– Life Talks (College and Career Readiness, Job Skills, Interview Skills, Drug and Alcohol Abuse, College Life, Working with parents, etc.)
– Other as needed
3.  I can help you integrate technologies, apps, and websites into your lesson planning as well.
4.  CHROMEBOOKS ARE HERE! – We have 30 Chromebooks we can check out to your class or students (in the library) so that they can spread out.  The first use of the Chromebooks will be Ms. Baumann’s Art Class this Friday.  They are writing about an inspirational art piece and will be able to spread out in the library to contemplate their piece in peace.  Consider how your class can use the chromebooks and desktops offered in the library. Thanks!