Ms. Brown Recommends “Pines” by Blake Crouch

Ms. Brown Recommends Pines by Blake Crouch

I just read Pines by Blake Crouch


The book is about a Secret Service Agent named Ethan Burke. He is assigned to investigate the disappearance of his ex-partner Kate. He travels to the last town she visited, Wayward Pines. He never returns. Ethan Burke Travels to Wayward Pines in search of his ex-partner, Kate. She was doing an investigation there, and never returned from her assignment. As soon as he enters the town, his car is struck by a Mack truck. His Secret Service partner dies, and he wakes up in a hospital. He his confused and has partial amnesia. He soon realizes that there is something very strange about this town. Everyone in the town appears to be perfectly happy and acts as though nothing is strange at all. No one will fully answer any of the questions he has. He tries to escape from the town, but there is no road out of the town. How is this possible?! He drove into the town with his partner, but cannot drive out of it. He causes a raucous through town in search of answers, but he may not like the answers once he gets them. My favorite part of the book was when you figure out the big secret behind Wayward Pines. It is a building question throughout the entire story. The final answer may not be as relieving as you think! This book would be great for anyone who likes the supernatural. It is an out of the box idea on a very common science fiction topic. I highly recommend this book. It is a very easy read and you never want to put it down.