Admire You

Admire You

Kalie Strain


I just need to sit back

And admire you.

Smile like a Picasso painting;

Voice like a Bach symphony.

Heart of gold,

Can it be true?


Smiling into your warm coffee,

A nervous laugh escaping your


What is going on in that beautiful



I’ve become attached to our friendship.

My escape from the norm.

Teaching me a new way to view the world.

Opening my mind,

Even though you don’t notice.


What will I do

When you undoubtably


When you finally realize I’m


A waste of your



I know it’s coming.

Ignored plans.

Ignored messages.

I know it’s coming.

Can you be man enough to tell me


I know it’s coming.


But for now,

I’m just going to sit back

And admire you.

Memorize your crooked smile that

Accompanies your laughter.

Your gentle voice,

Contrasting the rough sounds

Of this coffee shop.

Your heart of gold,

In this land of dust.


I’ll just sit back

And wait,

And admire.