Word Up! Words of the Week for 1/25 – 1/29


INHIBITION: n. (person, place, thing, concept)

  1. the act or restraint of oneself, another, or a situation; suppression of
  • Sentence:
    • It is important for us to have certain inhibitions so that we can function as a collective community.


MOTIVE: n. (describes a person, place, thing, or concept)

  1. something that causes a person to act in a certain way or do a certain thing
  • Sentence:
    • Each and every action that we do each day has some sort of motive.


UNPRECEDENTED: adj. (describes a noun or pronoun)

  1. without previous instance; never before known or experienced
  • Sentence:
    • Building a wall between parts of Texas and Mexico was an unprecedented move by Texas and an attempt to stop illegal immigration.


RATIONAL: adj. (describes a noun or pronoun)

  1. agreeable to reason; sensible
  • Sentence:
    • In other words, our rational side should keep us from getting into trouble.


LANGUAGE ARTS Level 3 Power Up Word of the Week

CREDIBILITY: n. (person, place, thing, or concept)

  1. the quality of being believable or worthy of trust
  • Sentence:
    • When we lower our inhibitions we often lose control of rational thought and make unprecedented decisions or do things without understanding the motive causing us to lose credibility in the eyes of others.