Just in Case You Didn’t Know… Kalie Strain is Awesome!


From Ms. Erica Pegues:

Tonight I attended the Walgreen’s Expressions Challenge Awards Reception, and I’m beyond proud to report that Kalie Strain took first place in the Creative Writing Category, winning her $2000!!!  If you know Kalie, please congratulate her (and ask her to spot you a $5 😉 when you see her!!

First and foremost, I would like to thank Shawn Filer for bringing the Expressions Challenge to McCluer.  The moment Shawn found out about the Challenge, he saw an opportunity for his peers to express themselves and win a cash prize, while fundraising for The Vision.  Shawn then made contact with Ms. Crawford to get permission to do the Challenge, set up a meeting with Arika Parr to come speak to The Vision about the competition, recruit students to participate, and make sure that the deadline was met.  So please tell Shawn, job well done!

Also thank you to Ms. Crawford for allowing The Vision to bring the Walgreen’s Expression Challenge to McCluer.  Thank you to Ms. Ferris for sending out that email encouraging staff to check out Kalie’s essay.  Shout out to Arika Parr, for spending some time with students in The Vision and making sure that they knew the ins-and-outs of the contest. Big ups to Aniya Betts for attending the event on behalf of The Vision and Dr. Lewis, there repping the Admin Team.  Appreciate the support!

Just a little proof that talent and leadership is a powerful combination!