Word Up! Words of Power for 4/25 – 4/29


ROOT: n.

  1. n. The fundamental or essential part of something; the source or origin
  • Example:
    • Cent is a root word meaning one hundred; as in centimeter, century, and percent.



  1. n. A sound in speech corresponding to any letter not considered a vowel
  • Example:
    • It is very important to articulate and hit all the consonants in a word clearly and loudly in order not to mumble.



  1. n. To inflect; to recite or display all or some subsets of the inflected forms of a verb
  • Example:
    • Some conjugations of break would include break, breaking, or broken.


PRETERITE: n. adj.

  1. n. A past or preterit tense
  2. v. Noting a past action or state
  • Example:
    • Fit is an an Americanism denoting the preterite of the verb to fight.



  1. Adj. Of, relating to, or conveying a question
  • Example:
    • Who will be the next Prom King and Queen? That is an example of an interrogative sentence.