Lives saved! Most Successful Blood Drive in Years

32 whole units collected


Ms. Moyer-Smith

On September 21 Key Club hosted the most successful Blood Drive McCluer has held in years. “The atmosphere in the library was positively contagious. Thank you all for continuing to focus on all that is good about our school,” stated Mr. Cedric Gerald, Principal, when supporting the healthy outcome of donors in the library on September 21. Ms. Alana Parks, Key Club sponsor and Blood Drive organizer, shared that, “There were 65 donors who selflessly presented themselves in the library and 32 units of whole blood were collected!¬† We usually get between 22 and 26 units with about 1/2 being turned down. Only 23 were deferred which means we also have some healthy kids on our hands!”

With September being Sickle Cell Awareness month, Ms. Parks made an effort to go to several classrooms and explain the important need for blood donations.¬†Although there is no cure, Sickle Cell Disease and its symptoms like chronic pain, can be managed through blood transfusions. Children with Sickle Cell Disease often receive blood transfusions on an ongoing basis, making it more important for them to receive the best match for their bodies (American Red Cross). If the blood given to a Sickle Cell patient is not a close enough match, the patient’s body will build antibodies against the new blood and the symptoms of the disease will not be lessened. Our students and staff responded to this great need with a profound act of giving to help those who need it.