Comet Clubs Cooperate to Feed the World

Alana Parks
Key Club and JROTC combine to participate in World Food Day on November 3.

Alana Parks and Lt. Col. Gray

On Friday, November 3, Key Club And JROTC joined forces and traveled to John Burroughs High School to help package over 200,000 meals during World Food Day. Student volunteers and sponsors Ms. Alana Parks and Lt. Col. Gray worked from 8-11 and packaging over 2000 meals.

All high school clubs and organizations were given a table to work an “assembly style” teamwork exercise to prepare meals for World Food Day. This event was physically demanding in that the students had to stand up at the tables for 3 hours. McCluer students even helped out with another school that didn’t bring enough people to make a team so McCluer essentially had three tables and got to visit and to work with students from the other school. “I don’t think that school was quite ready for McCluer students, but, hey, they were all motivated by the Cadets and joined in with a LOUD & THUNDEROUS “HOOAH!!” as we finished packaging a box of meals. Overall, they accomplished the mission well. Teamwork and rotation schedules were key to their success so I applaud them all as I didn’t hear one complaint,” stated Lt. Col. Gray.

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Students participating in the November 3 World Food Day event:

Brian Dorris
Ta’mya Cummings
Jada Anderson 
Alexus Young
Justis Woodcox
Jazmin Woodcox
Alex Stevenson
Hayat Al-Ganzawy
Dalicia Anthony
Marlowe Welch
Ke’Ara Allen
Cadet Leilani Martinez
Cadet Raymond Harris, Jr
Cadet Shelbie Edwards
Cadet Redasia Boyd
Cadet Arkayla Page
Cadet Martrez Tureaud
Cadet Jamarion Jones
Cadet Darrion Stevenson
Cadet Jayla Cook
Cadet Destiny Owens
Cadet Kyra Sanders
Cadet Terrion Barfield
Cadet Joni Shannon
Cadet Jynnae Evans
Cadet Jordan Buchanan
Cadet A’Krista Pegee