Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Review


Daniel Tracy, Video Game Junkie

Infinite Warfare


The game I will be reviewing is the worst game of all: Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. What qualifies me to review this game is I play A LOT of video games. My initial response to the game is this game is worthless. The first time I played this game I thought to myself this game doesn’t make sense whatsoever. Who wants to be able to shoot people by making your hand into the shape of a gun and shooting at them? Compared to a similar game, Black Ops 3, which also has jetpacks,it just doesn’t make sense. In Infinite Warfare you’re a robot who does front flips, turns into a dog, and uses gestures like putting your hand into the form of a gun and shooting things with it. The only two good elements of the game are the graphics and the gameplay because it was clear. The weakest point of the game is you can kill people with your “Gun hands.” In what world is that possible? That you can shoot people with your hands? The recommendation I would make to someone who was going to buy this game is don’t. I would tell them to save their money and spend it on something that is worth it, like food or another game. If you like games that don’t make sense whatsoever, Infinite Warfare is definitely for you. If you like to do flips in a game and turn into animals, then spend your money on this piece of junk game. You’re wasting your time and money not mine.