Opinion: Teenage Life

Opinion: Teenage Life

Ahriya Powell, Teenager

Teenage Life

When I was younger, I used to think that being a teenager would be great. More friends and more opportunity, I was totally wrong. Being a teenager changes your whole outlook on life. You learn how the world isn’t as great and easy as it was when you were younger. Relationships, jobs, stress, puberty, high school, college planning, financial support, sports it all just hits you at once with NO WARNING.

Being a teenager is like following all the directions to baking a cake and the cake still turns out to be a total disaster. Even when you are getting told what to do and exactly to do it, it doesn’t turn out right. Being a teenager is so stressful that it is its own excuse. For example, if someone age 13-19 has a negative attitude the excuse or explanation is ‘’it’s a teen thing.’’ Teens and attitudes can go hand and hand with one another.

This teen life is nothing to look forward to. Other than having a little more freedom every now and again. Sometimes I just wish I could go back to those younger days and go outside to play with the neighbors, not having to worry about what tomorrow is going to be like. So my advice to younger kids and parents who are impatient for their kids to grow up is FORGET IT because you think that’s what you want until it comes and life just knocks you to the ground. Enjoy being babied because it’s going to come to an END.