Xbox One vs. PS4 – Opinion

Daniel Tracy, Staff Writer

I’m going to settle this right now. PS4 is better than Xbox and will always be better than Xbox. First, let’s start with the price; a brand new 1Tb Xbox One is $350. A brand new 1Tb PS4 is $300. How are you going to charge more for a system that’s complete trash? Xbox, first off, has no games. The only games for Xbox that are actually any good are Halo and Pubg. PS4 has God of War, Spiderman, Last of Us , MLB the Show and many other Playstation exclusives. Sony has sold 40 million worth of Playstations while Microsoft has only made 20 million from Xbox One sales. When it comes to the PS4, you can actually play some multiplayer games without PS Plus, but with Xbox you need Xbox Live to access any multiplayer games. If you like making dumb decisions in life, then the Xbox is definitely for you , but if you’re smart and actually make good decisions PS4 is the way to go.