Powderpuff and Bonfire – A Review


Ashley Albers, Scoop Staff Writer

On Thursday, October 11, McCluer High School held their annual Powderpuff Football Game, and Bonfire. To say the least, it was far from boring. To start the night of fun, at the door, attendees were offered glowing bracelets when they purchased their tickets. The Powderpuff game began at 5:30pm, and grabbed my attention from the start.

The girls were playing hard and having fun, and everyone could feel the good vibes radiating from the players. Jada Brooks, a member of the Powderpuff team, said, “I felt like the star of the team. I made fourteen points for my team, and I liked leading them (the team).” Jada and the other girls who were playing gave a wonderful show for the crowd. The best part, in my own opinion, was seeing the “cheerleaders” on the sidelines of the game.

The cheerleaders were not in fact the McCluer Cheerleaders, but instead the McCluer Football Team, and friends, in the old cheerleader uniforms. It was like a scene where everyone was genderbent, and it created humor on top of the already good times. Seeing the boys attempt to do jumps and cheers brought many members of the audience smiles.

After the game, the bonfire started. The music came first, making everyone run over to the DJ stand and start to dance. Everyone in the dancing crowd was having a good time, and even the shyer kids had fun with the beach balls and light bars that were being passed through the area. When the sky got dark and more people showed up, the fire was lit in the middle of the M-4 baseball field, and everyone was taking pictures with the fire in the background. This was a time for students to get together and have some fun, all while being safe and supporting their school. Also, the Key Club was in charge of the food at these events, where it was $2.00 to get a hot dog, a bag of chips, and a soda. Not only was the food good, but the price was so affordable that nearly everyone attending could afford it. Thank you, Key Club, for providing an affordable dinner to the guests. Overall, I had a very good time at these homecoming festivities, and it seemed like I was not alone in these feelings.