McCluer Library Receives a Makeover

McCluer High School Library is receiving a makeover right in time for Christmas!

Special thanks to the Ferguson-Florissant Administration Office, Laura Modrusic, C.F.O., Mike Kirchoff, Maintenance Supervisor and Staff, Lara Struttman, Library Coordinator, and Lisa Bretz, Warehouse Office Professional for coordinating efforts to repaint, replace, and repair furniture and fixtures!

District administration was able to locate funding, specified for furniture and capitol improvements, and identified secondary libraries with the most need.  McCluer South-Berkeley received a new comfortable seating area for reading. At McCluer High School, furniture was dated to at least 1958 according to library archives.  Table edges and tops are carved with the memories of years past while table legs are splitting with modern use by a flexible library space hosting staff meetings, blood drives, and building and district professional development, and special events. The library will be receiving new tables and chairs, a new seating area, and a new overall layout.  Painting and repair has been completed over the last few weeks by the district paint and maintenance crews and McCluer’s own former Maintenance Worker in Residence, Dexter Cannon.  Librarian, Joseph Hosea, is especially happy with the changes and upgrades stating, “It has been 12 years since we received new carpet and 4 years since the last layout change.  A new seating area and new furniture will benefit the staff and students of the district for years to come.  Making the fiction and non-fiction sections more visible has already peaked interest by staff and students in reading and finding books.”

Librarian Joseph Hosea and Assistant Librarian Jade Scott have been busy the last few weeks with an army of student volunteers, student aides, and Student Government workers packing, moving, and shifting books and furniture with the district work crews while hosting the annual district holiday food drive.  New chairs and couches began arriving on Friday, December 7th, and the complete upgrade and makeover should be complete by Wednesday, December 19th.

Nevaeh, Gabby, and Rhonda
Diamond, Liyah, Jiya, and Justis
Hosea, Jiya, Aleila
Khyra, Hosea
New Circulation Desk Location

Old Library Stacks Being Emptied
Old Library Stacks Being Emptied

New Seating Area
New Seating Area
New Seating Area
New Seating Area
New Chairs being put together
New Chairs