Accomplishment (5.29.2019)

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ac·com·plish·ment                             /əˈkämpliSHmənt/
noun: accomplishment; plural noun: accomplishments
  1. something that has been achieved successfully.
    “the reduction of inflation was a remarkable accomplishment”
    synonyms: achievementactdeedexerciseexploitperformanceattainmenteffortfeatmaneuveroperationmovestuntstratagemcoupmaster stroke, stroke of genius, triumph

    “the reduction of inflation was a remarkable accomplishment”
    • the successful achievement of a task.
      “the accomplishment of planned objectives”
    • an activity that a person can do well, typically as a result of study or practice.
      “long-distance running was another of her accomplishments”
    • skill or ability in an activity.
      “a poet of considerable accomplishment”
      synonyms: abilitytalentskillgiftattainmentachievementaptitudefacultycapabilityproficiencyforteknack More
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