Soar to new heights this year! Welcome back to McCluer!

Soar to new heights this year! Welcome back to McCluer!

McCluer High School woke up to nearly 1300 students on Thursday, August 15th.  Excited and eager to great the students and get a start on the new year, nearly 150 faculty and 50+ staff members greeted the students with welcome smiles and open arms.  Everything was shined and polished, new classrooms were opened, and the halls were decked with superhero memorabilia.  To kick off the new year, Mr. Gerald, Head Principal of McCluer High School, wanted students and staff to let their inner superhero shine through.  Mr. Gerald would like everyone to know that, “McCluer is a MARVEL-ous place to learn and teach!”

With that thought in mind, the McCluer High School Student Council challenges each and every student to ask themselves, “What kind of super hero will you be?”

McCluer High School has not held nearly 1300 students since the early 2000’s.  Faculty and staff are excited to see the halls filled with exciting new faces and are excited to know that our numbers may still swell to closer to 1500!

No matter where you come from or where you’re headed, McCluer faculty, staff, administration, and students want everyone to know they are now, and will forever be, part of the fabric of McCluer Senior High School.

Soar to new heights this year and get involved!  Help make McCluer THE place to be.