Ms. Vaughn Promoted, Mr. Kime to take over as Wellness Coordinator for McCluer

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Over the summer, Ms. Vaughn was hired into a secondary position as Wellness Coordinator for the McCluer community.  Just last week, she was asked to step into the role of Health and Wellness Liaison for the district and Mr. Kime agreed to fill the open position of Wellness Coordinator for McCluer

The PE Department is dedicated to furthering health appreciation throughout the school community.

Ms. Vaughn and Mr. Kime will work together to increase Mental, Physical, and Social Health with our staff and students.

Many of our coaches and teachers are trained in various forms of fitness including CrossFit, Yoga, and as trainers and nutritionists.  Seek out Mr. Kime, Mr. Bryant, Ms. Waters, Ms. Blattle, Mr. Combest, or Mr. Stiefer for more details on the best ways to stay healthy and fit!
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